Friday, July 27, 2012

Introducing: Anchored Joy

Hello world!
I'd like to introduce you all to a beautiful new creation: the Anchored Joy blog

This blog is a place for my friend Alisia and I to share photo projects that we've been working on together.  This will include posts from weddings we shoot as a team, collaborative portrait shoots that we brainstorm and style together, photo shoots we do of each other peeking into our personal world, and what we call "interpretations" (one photo from each of us interpreting a word of choice).

So what's the name mean?  
We settled on "Anchored Joy" because there were 2 important aspects we wanted to include...  

1. We love Jesus first and foremost.  And our hope is anchored in Him.
2. We try to portray joy through our photography.... and it just so happens that we both share the middle name, Joy.

Come take a look!  Click Here

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