Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mennonite Wedding . Sarasota Wedding Photographer

April brought me my first opportunity to shoot a Mennonite wedding in Sarasota.  
It was a cultural experience!  
Larry and Evonne got married in the natural woodsy setting of Wind Song Farms.
You'll notice a few key characteristics of a Mennonite wedding: modest dress, head coverings, lots of church family in attendance, lots of children in tow, a large meal to share, a good cake-face smash, a family band for entertainment, and let's not forget the Bride's snazzy-hot-pink-high-heels!  


  1. Is there a way of getting in contact with Evonne? I'd like to know where she got her wedding dress. I'm getting married and thts almost exactly the kind of dress I'm looking for :)