Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dan + Ella's Wedding (part 2) . Sarasota Wedding Photographer

Congrats once again to Ella & Dan!
Here's a peek into their rocking party!

First dance for Mr. & Mrs. Lewis.
The sorority sisters had a little song/candle lighting ceremony.
...I didn't really understand it.  But I wasn't a sorority girl, so, there ya go.
Avid Gator fans and graduates...
Let the party begin!
Serious photo bombers...
Some of the guys serenaded Ella with "You Lost that Lovin' Feeling".
Ties were being loosed, accessories being swapped, photo booth props making their way to the dance floor...
Sometimes a good Britney Spears solo from the floor is simply a must...
Not sure what's happening here...
Favorite!  hahahah!
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