Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mali's Room (pronounced "Molly")

Can I show you my baby Mali's finished nursery?  
I've been imagining decor for my daughter's room for the past 6 years, beginning when I got pregnant with my first child.  But I'm glad I've had the time to change my mind over and over (as I had two boys first) and settle on the perfect theme.  
My best friends in Florida, Alisia & Becca, collaborated on an embroidery hoop collection.  Each piece is so special and meaningful.  It means so much to me to receive such a beautiful handmade gift created with such thoughtfulness!  I love those girls! 
The gorgeous wall paper was a gift from my cousin Teresa, who owns Advanced Color Imaging, Inc. out of Atlanta, GA.  (They can make ANYTHING into wall paper!)
I won that glider/rocker in a give away while I was pregnant with Mali.  
I never had a glider with my other two babies.  And, oh man, it's luxurious!  
The rocking horse door stop was purchased at a garage sale in Florida with my girlfriends (Alisia & Becca).  It came as a set of three, we each have one in our children's rooms.
My new photographer friend, Shannon of Simple Joy Portraits, did a newborn session of Mali at one week old.  This photo of her in the bucket was a vision I had when I was pregnant.  It is just what I had in mind.  Thanks Shannon!  You're a talented lady!!
My mom bought me this antique rocking horse when I was pregnant with my first baby.  
The little baby carriage belonged to Jason's grandmother, Sandy.
And the antique doll dresses were a gift from my kindred spirit, Alisia. 
The rose hoop is cut from fabric of a skirt I owned.  
The "M" is for Mali, of course.
And the bird cage and bird were inspired by my photography business' logo.
Mali Lu in her new room!  (She really loves it.)
The pillow on the chair is made from a fancy sequin shirt that belonged to my great-grandmother, Ann.
"The Lord really gave me the idea of the 'storm' hoop! It will remind you that you are strong in your Father despite the tempests that will show up on occasion throughout your life." -Becca
Mali most resembles her biggest brother Noah...who's also her biggest fan.
Alisia created these two hoops.  The first has lyrics from my favorite song about a woman's relationship with God.  "She lives with assurance He loves her too deeply to let this distance remain."  And the lace belonged to my grandmother, Rie.
I had my heart set on this curtain that I spotted on Pinterest.  My grandma bought it as a gift for Mali & me.  And those three little angels are MY LIFE!!  (oh my word, they're so cute!!!!)
The mirror belonged to Jason's grandmother June.  
Nothing real sentimental about the ballerina pieces.  I just think they're classic and lovely.  But I did write a "book" in kindergarten entitled "When I grow up, I want to be a Ballerina."  
Clearly I am still a fan, 25 years later.
I found this little gold glitter piece in the clearance aisle at Walmart.  (for $2!)  Glued it to a string, and BAM, an adorable banner bringing in some more pops of gold.
Thank you Pinterest for this adorable, simple garland idea.  The fabric was free, cut from old garments.  (including my sister's Maid of Honor dress from my wedding.  So special.  And don't worry, she approved.  Who wears their old bridesmaids dresses anyway?)
As a kid, I collected Cherished Bears.  I pulled them out of storage when I found out I was having a girl.  And I came across this little family of five, just like us!
The bunny is a childhood toy of mine.  And the door wreath was inspired from Pinterest!

And that concludes the tour of Mali's room.  I am in love with the vision that has come to life.  And all of the precious little details that mean so much to me.

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