Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tanner + Elisabeth's Wedding, Part 1 . Ft. Wayne Wedding Photographer

When one of your favorite people gets married, it’s all the more exciting to be the one to capture their beautiful wedding day with a photographer’s-behind-the-scenes-pass.  Tanner is my cousin, closest in age.  We grew up together, our families vacationing together and visiting each other often.  Although we all wanted to kick Tanner out of our family during a rough patch in his life, now he is one of the most respectable and devout men I know.  (Thank you Jesus!)  And a beautiful redemption story like Tanner’s makes for one of the most special weddings I’ve gotten to be a part of.
I cry a lot at the weddings I photograph, but DANG did I do some serious ugly crying behind my camera on this day!  (Watching his sister walk down the aisle, and give him a smirk.  Watching his parents cry as they watched them say their vows.  Watching the mother/son dance.  What a treat! ;)
Congratulations to Tanner & Liz!
I can’t wait to see what an even stronger force for the Kingdom you are as a married couple!

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