Saturday, February 13, 2016

Tim + Amy's Wedding, Part 1 . Ft. Wayne Wedding Photographer

These two are SO IN LOVE!  Watching them throughout the reception, I was reminded what marriage SHOULD look like.  They'd dance, and mingle with guests for a while, but time after time I'd see one of them find the other and just steal a quick kiss or hug.  It was like a little self-esteem boost.  It made them that much more beautifully confident to know there was someone in the room that thought the world of them, and who would show physical support of them whenever they needed it.
Tim & Amy, I pray you can always be that kind of partner to each other.  It's hard not to get in ruts where we keep score, critique each other, and lose self control around one another.  So thank you for the reminder that marriage should be a unity that makes us stronger and more useful to the world.  It was an honor (and a slammin' good time) shooting your wedding!

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